Exhibitors can sell product this year at the expo with pre-approval from the Expo Committee. Call Callie at 847-809-3098 for approval. The product must be contained to your booth space, and can not compete with our vendor in the lobby which is High Ridge Adventures who will be serving BBQ, chips and a soft drink. Pre-packaged items will work best in this setting, but ALL must preserve the integrity of the gym floor surface. Purchased items must be of the size to be carried out by hand from the gym and transactions completed electronically.

Mark the Business to Business Gathering on your calendar now.  Date is Friday, March 16 from 6:00 to 7:30.  Food, networking and, Saralyn Collins , business consulting, has much to share that will benefit your outreach on the expo floor.

You have the option to set up starting at five the night before, and then head to the business gathering in the lobby at 6:00. All set up must be completed the night before or by 10:30 Saturday morning. There will be a very short housekeeping meeting at 10:30.

Come prepared with your door prize.  There will be additional door prizes outside of the one you provide at your booth.  If you would like to also provide a larger door prize or collectively put one together with another business it would be most welcome.  If that is the case please contact Lauren Azoulai at 404-307-9775.

Expo doors will open promptly at 11:00. Please do not break down before the close of the expo at three in consideration of other exhibitors and attendees.

Nothing is more critical to get attendees to the expo then social media.  Use all those resources at your disposal.  Like and share the expo Facebook page at Lyndsey Simpson has provided some helpful Social Media tips on the website as well. Inviting folks to come to the Expo is everyone’s job. One of the new things we are focused on this year is reaching out into the N Buncombe/Asheville area via social media to advertise the Expo. But we need your help too, we will be sending out Expo information that we would like you to share with your customers, whether they are at your store front, or via your social media.